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Google Dumbs Down Their Privacy Policy

March 20, 2012NoaDavidGoogle0

Google has decided to consolidate and dumb down its privacy policy. They’ve made it incredibly easy to read by removing all the legal terms or confusing language and creating one universal policy instead of separate ones for each service or product.

In order to help you understand their new policies, Google has set up a Web site that breaks it all down for you. It’s definitely an interesting read if you’re unsure about how Google handles your information.

The Google Terms of Service provided on the site attempted to be just as easy to read and cover a more diverse set of topics about what rules you should follow using Google’s products and what rights you and Google have to use each other’s content.

To give you an idea of how much Google’s terms and service agreement is changing all we have to tell is that it’s now only 3 pages long. This makes Google seem a little less questionable, and gives you the impression they are being more transparent.

Google’s new policies and principles go into effect automatically on March 1, 2012. If you continue to use Google and its services you automatically agree to the terms. Upon reading it over we found nothing that was out of line from what it’s always been. Maybe they’ve decided on this move to make it all easier (and perhaps cheaper) to argue over in court…

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