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November 18, 2011NoaDavidGoogle0

Mobile Internet usage and Smartphone usage has been growing at a lightning fast pace for a long time now, but it can be hard to find relevant and high quality data for these areas.

Well, Google commissioned one of the most extensive studies on mobile usage ever conducted. In collaboration with Ipsos and the Mobile Marketing Association Google has released the results of the research and you can now use the data through a Web site called Our Mobile Planet. Going to will let you take advantage of all the data from the research in any way you’d like.

Google hopes this will help marketers make data based decisions about their marketing with relation to smart phones and mobile usage. To get an idea of what you can do with the data, here’s an example from Google:

“Need to know the smartphone penetration in Singapore? It’s 62%. Trying to figure out if more consumers in France or Germany have made purchases via their smartphone? It’s France. Want to know if consumers in the UK visit a store after doing a local search on their smartphone? 41% of them do. “

Since this market is constantly growing it’s becoming more and more important you understand it, and make a strong effort to take advantage of it.

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